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Product Name Computer Cassette C-20 Variant ID V0000417
Name of Holotype Compact Cassette format analogue audio tape, cassette Holotype ID H000023
Product Code/Number
Manufacturer Micron
Genre(s) Sound Data
Carrier Type tape cassette
Process Type magnetic
Medium Type 1/8" cassette
Standards IBTN/EBU: CCA
Market Professional
Height 100 mm
Width 63 mm
Depth 12 mm
Running Length
Marketed Capacity 90 Kb/side @ 1200 baud or 22.5 Kb/side @ 300 baud
Materials plastic casing with various oxide coatings upon various tape substrates
Distinguishing Features mostly double sided use with sides designated A or B
Collection of: National Library of Australia
Created by National Library of Australia
Assessment Summary User can access and review media using a current standard environment. (minimal effort)
Remarks -.-
Production Started 1963
Production Stopped 1996
Application Binder Domestic Tape
Binder Stability
Dye/Emulsion/Oxide g-Fe2O3 acicular
Base material Polyester
Back Treated 4 / black

Back Treated: (μm) or (μ")

Base Thickness: 20 (µm) or (µ")

Dye/Emulsion/Oxide Thickness: 11 (μm) or (μ")

Total Thickness: 35 (µm) or (µ")

Coercity: 320 (Oe) or 25 (kA/m)

Retentivity: 1650 (Gauss) or 165 (mT)

Remanence: (nWb/m) or 1800 (SatFlux)
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Required Devices Compact Cassette player
Required Interface Connectors - RCA, mini phone,
Required Operating System NA
Required Applications NA
Formated Capacity
Required Drivers NA
Formating Type
Required Accessories
Required Form Factor various
Requirement Specifications The original magnetic material was based on gamma ferric oxide (Fe2O3), later variations included:chromium dioxide (CrO2); magnetite (Fe3O4); Cobalt-adsorbed iron oxide;
Transfer Rate 1 7/8 ips
Recording Format
Number Of Cylinders
Colour Space
Block Error Rate
Push Pull Signal
Read Stability
Life: Manufacturer 100
Life: Community 50
Web Ref: Materials
Substrate Stability
Image Stability
Re-Formatting Issues
Web Ref: Re-Formatting
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Web Ref: Environment
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