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Product Name CompacTape II (a.k.a. DLT II Tape) TK-52
½" Data Cartridge
Variant ID V0000193
Name of Holotype DLT tape (formerly CompacTape) Holotype ID H000009
Product Code/Number TK52-K
Manufacturer Digital
Genre(s) Data
Carrier Type tape cartridge
Process Type magnetic
Medium Type 1/2" cartridge
Standards Ecma
Market Professional
Height 105 mm
Width 105 mm
Depth 25 mm
Running Length
Marketed Capacity 295Mb unformatted
Materials metal particle (MP/AMP)
Distinguishing Features Gray colour
Collection of: National Library of Australia
Created by National Library of Australia
Assessment Summary External Third party conversion to Normalised format(s); at an additional cost to organisation. (considerable effort)
Remarks ISO/IEC 13962 * / ECMA-197
Production Started 1987
Production Stopped
Application Binder
Binder Stability
Base material
Back Treated

Back Treated: (μm) or (μ")

Base Thickness: (µm) or (µ")

Dye/Emulsion/Oxide Thickness: (μm) or (μ")

Total Thickness: (µm) or (µ")

Coercity: (Oe) or (kA/m)

Retentivity: (Gauss) or (mT)

Remanence: (nWb/m) or (SatFlux)
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Required Devices TK-70 Drive
Required Interface propriety
Required Operating System
Required Applications
Formated Capacity 250Mb formatted
Required Drivers
Formating Type
Required Accessories
Required Form Factor
Requirement Specifications Linear recording format
Transfer Rate 45 Kb/s
Recording Format
Number Of Cylinders
Colour Space
Block Error Rate
Push Pull Signal
Read Stability
Life: Manufacturer 30 yrs
Life: Community
Web Ref: Materials
Substrate Stability
Image Stability
Re-Formatting Issues
Web Ref: Re-Formatting
Web Ref: Conservation
Web Ref: Environment
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