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Product Name SLR6-24GB Data Cartridge SLR24
Variant ID V0000163
Name of Holotype 5 ¼” Data Cartridge: SLR Data Cartridge Holotype ID H000002
Product Code/Number 0-51122-12725-0
Manufacturer 3M - Scotch - Imation
Genre(s) Data
Carrier Type tape cassette
Process Type magnetic
Medium Type 1/4" (6.3 mm) / 8 mm later variants
Standards Tanberg Data
Market Professional
Height 110 mm
Width 152 mm
Depth 16 mm
Running Length 345 m
Marketed Capacity SLR6 12 Gb uncompressed
24 Gb compressed
Distinguishing Features
Collection of: National Library of Australia
Created by National Library of Australia
Assessment Summary External Third party conversion to Normalised format(s); at an additional cost to organisation. (considerable effort)
Remarks Tape Durability 15,000 passes
preformatted system
Production Started
Production Stopped
Application Binder Styrene/Acrylonitrile polymwer, polyurethane, nitrocellulose
Binder Stability
Dye/Emulsion/Oxide Iron Oxide
Base material PEN (polyethelene naphthalene film)
Back Treated

Back Treated: (μm) or (μ")

Base Thickness: (µm) or (µ")

Dye/Emulsion/Oxide Thickness: (μm) or (μ")

Total Thickness: 410 micro inches (µm) or (µ")

Coercity: (Oe) or (kA/m)

Retentivity: (Gauss) or (mT)

Remanence: (nWb/m) or (SatFlux)
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Image 4 Macro
Required Devices SLR 24, SLR 50 drive R / W
SLR60, SLR 75 SLR 100 drive R only
Required Interface SCSI-3, Multimode Wide Ultra (SE)/Ultra2 (LVD)1
Required Operating System
Required Applications
Formated Capacity SLR6
(8 mm Cartridge)
Required Drivers
Formating Type
Required Accessories
Required Form Factor 5.25
Requirement Specifications
Transfer Rate 2.4 MB/s compressed
Recording Format
Number Of Cylinders
Colour Space
Block Error Rate
Push Pull Signal
Read Stability
Life: Manufacturer 20 years
Life: Community
Web Ref: Materials
Substrate Stability
Image Stability
Re-Formatting Issues
Web Ref: Re-Formatting
Web Ref: Conservation
Web Ref: Environment
Date Created 31/07/2008
Last Modified by Douglas Elford-NLA
Date Modified 04/08/2011

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